ICT Consultancy

ALM iCT Limited

Right now, the workspace and its associated ICT infrastructure are undergoing their most radical transformation ever. Social, technological and economic factors all combine to permanently disrupt established ideas and practices across both public and private sectors.

Every day ALM iCT Consultancy Services teams engage with clients in strategic considerations of how to manage this turbulence and how best to turn it to their tangible business advantage in this new world of work. Clients talk to ALM about their future workspace and ICT strategy because our vision for the future is grounded in a track record of excellence and innovation in project management consultancy.

Perhaps most importantly, our clients value the fact that we are an ICT services company that puts people before technology: everything we do together will ultimately be driven by the desire to help your employees work more productively, collaboratively, cost-effectively and securely.


Our Consultants

Our consultants are recognised as industry thought leaders in the design, delivery and management of enterprise ICT solutions. We are able to reference major projects that have transformed the way clients exploit the power of information.This team is backed up by consultants who are at the forefront of practical Service Management. We will always continue to combine advisory services with a hands-on mentality and the capability to implement the solutions we recommend.

1. Advisory Services

Organisations need to be able to use and embed their available ICT, human resources and equipment effectively. However, it is becoming increasingly complex to use ICT in an effective manner. Meeting and complying with externally imposed laws and rules is also becoming progressively more complex and requires more of the ICT department, which is constantly being challenged by the business to come up with even cheaper, more flexible and higher quality IT services.

ALM iCT Advisory Services help customers to tailor their ICT department to fit their business and to carry out changes simply, as and when the need arises. We assist customers in making clear choices and setting a course for the coming years.

ALM iCT excels in devising a pragmatic approach to ICT services architecture and translating business goals into concrete solutions.

ALM iCT  Advisory Services are focused on providing expert advice and guidance to clients to identify opportunities and projects that deliver business value.

Service Offered:

CIO Advisory

  • Strategic Planning, Maximise Return on Information Technology and Business Case generation
  • Realisation of ICT as a Strategic Asset within the business
  • Insight into ICT solution to support business evolution

Business Change

  • Planning and impact assessment of M&A or divestment on ICT operations
  • Compliancy with legislation and regulatory change
  • Provide ICT solution to support business growth and transformation

Business & IT Alignment

  • Exploiting cloud technology to enable business agility
  • Insight on the migration of business critical applications
  • Work-space Optimization and the adoption of Mobile Applications
  • ICT operations bench-marking and optimization

ICT Services Architecture

  • Service Architecture and Service Management process maturity assessment
  • Assessment of Service Management process and impact of migration to online providers
  • Realigning IT Service Management for Cloud based solutions

Added value for our customers

  • Increasing the value of ICT as a strategic asset within the business
  • Assisting with strategic road-maps that deliver long term benefits
  • Access to real world experience and expertise of planning change programme
  • Pragmatic approach with focus on the desired business outcomes

2. ICT Planning, Design & Implementation Services

A high performing and available ICT infrastructure is of critical importance to every organisation. ICT environments must support operational processes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and yet be sufficiently flexible to quickly adapt to changes within the business.

ALM iCT focus on Infrastructure Optimization helps organisations improve the operational excellence of ICT environments. We streamline ICT infrastructures by deploying a combination of the right software, tooling, processes, and people. We transform reactive management into proactive management. We consolidate and standardize the number of servers and ensure that server capacity is used more effectively. Moreover, we use server visualization to generate attractive cost savings with regard to hardware, energy consumption and energy used for cooling.

ALM iCT Planning, Design and Implementation services are aligned to our Managed Services portfolio. This enables ALM iCT to provide deep consulting and technical expertise to implement leading ICT Design solutions that can evolve into a Managed Service.

Service Offered:

Data Centre

  • Planning, Design and Implementation of infrastructure solutions
  • Consultancy services and subject matter expertise in Data Centre, Storage, Servers, Security, Virtualisation & Consolidation


  • Planning, Design and Implementation of communications and network solutions
  • Consultancy services and subject matter expertise in Enterprise Connectivity (LAN/WAN), IPT and Unified Comms and Contact Centre


  • Innovation in the New World of Work
  • Planning, Design and Implementation of desktop, mobile, VDI and Thin Client workspace provisioning
  • Consultancy services and subject matter expertise in workspace deployment and systems management


  • Insight into transformation strategy and approach
  • Applications delivery cost analysis and current state analysis
  • Change enablement and application portfolio planning
  • Application store design and creation

Online (Cloud) Services

  • Cloud strategy planning and Cloud readiness assessment
  • Planning, Design and Migration to Cloud service providers (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Everything as a Service)
  • Design and Implementation of Private, on-premise Cloud platforms

Added value for our customers

  • Experience and expertise in ICT Design that is both deep and broad
  • Influential in the use and development of open standards such as ITIL® and MOF
  • Ability to rapidly deploy technology through leveraging reference architectures and investment in leading tool-sets
  • Collaborative approach which involves all stakeholders at every stage of the project

3. ICT Project Management Services

Our customers frequently operate on a dynamic playing field. Mergers, takeovers and reorganisations are the order of the day. Furthermore, ICT is playing an increasingly central role in business processes. Implementing changes is becoming ever more complex and organisations are struggling to find the best way of coordinating their numerous business and ICT projects.

Getronics offers organisations support during complex ICT projects and programmes by offering the IT Project Management services of leading professionals.

Services offered

  • Management of projects, programmes and project portfolios
  • Embedding a professional, project‑focused approach through coaching, training and certification
  • Setting up portfolio, programme and project offices

Added value our customers

  • Highest competencies at IPMA level
  • Trend‑setting in the application of leading standards
  • Broad experience in managing complex programmes
  • National and international experience across sectors



4. IT Recruitment and Staffing

Experienced, reliable and agile expert resources

The Staffing Dilemma
Staffing is a continuous challenge for IT teams in every organization. You value the experience and knowledge employees have gained within your enterprise – in many cases, they are the only people who really understand the complexity and management of heritage systems.

Clear Focus
ALM iCT own business focus is absolutely clear. We are IT service providers with a specialist focus on workspace including infrastructure, cloud and application management.

As your staffing partner, the scope of expertise on offer exactly mirrors our skills and experience as a company. We offer staffing support in the 3 areas in which we demonstrate business excellence:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Service Management
  • Project Management

Right Expertise and Skills
Because ALM iCT knows each of its contractors, we are able to match the required level of experience to the task ahead. Of course, we understand that the only way to gain experience is by doing the job – but as staffing partners, we do not expect our clients to subsidise the professional development of their contractors.

The Big Picture

ALM iCT Staffing Services form part of our consulting services offering. Whenever you engage a contractor through ALM iCT, you gain the added-value of extended access to the full range of our IT service expertise.

We can and do offer individual contractor placements. This works well, and clients with their own extensive IT departments or existing relationships with other IT service providers may choose to use ALM iCT simply to fill specific skills gaps.

But you can take it further – and ALM iCT is always happy to assume greater service responsibility, drawing on our end-to-end portfolio of ICT services.